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Dylan Kussman shows off the bus ad for The Steps in Chattanooga.

I followed THE STEPS and caught up with Alison Haislip…!

If you’re wondering why your fingertips are suddenly being scorched by your keyboard, it’s because the hotness known asĀ Alison Haislip is now gracing the site. She was awesome enough to lend me some of her time and answer a few questions for The Interrogation Room, a new section here atRead the Rest…

All the old interviews are back online!

I am very happy to announce that all the old interviews and podcasts are currently streaming for your listening enjoyment! What a cool and interesting trip down memory lane that was. I remember doing all of these and exactly how I felt a few moments before hitting the record button.Read the Rest…

Peace Walker Podcast

To kick our triumph yet rather quiet return to the Internets, I’m hosting the podcast to end all podcasts: The Peace Walker podcast!
Some of you may remember the one I did for MGS4 back in ‘08 which was awesome but it’s not going to hold a candle to this.
I’ve gatheredRead the Rest…

Welcome to the new (temporary) Back Room!

This site has been off the interwebs for a long time. Since then, a lot has happened, both good and bad…but thankfully, mostly good.
Our good friend, David Hayter, is doing really awesome things with his film production company, Dark Hero Studios. I personally couldn’t be happier for him. He deservesRead the Rest…

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